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About Ocular North

About Ocular North

Who are Ocular North, and what the f*ck are they all about?

Ocular North work out of Pollard Yard in Manchester. Cousins Dan and Matt have worked in and around the audio visual industry for more than a decade. Both have worked with some of Manchester’s finest companies, brands, small businesses and music artists. We thrive ourselves on providing an aesthetic that gives our clients the look that they are aiming for to promote themselves.

Family matters, come join ours.

Meet Matt aka Kuartz

BSc (Hons) in Professional Sound and Video Technology.

Matt graduated from Salford University with a BSc (Hons) in Professional Sound and Video Technology. Matt has had a successful career producing and releasing music with Village Live Records (Brighton), 77 Rise Recordings (San Francisco), IHAA Records (Washington), Icy Palms Records (Chicago) and Vinyl Digital (Berlin). Matt has directed music videos for some of Manchesters finest upland coming music artists.

Matt is the man in charge of Pre & Post Production! He’s the man with the ideas and the momentum to supercharge buisnesses. He’s also in charge of Soundtracks.

Meet Dan aka Danny (or Daniel when he's been naughty).

This dude has no qualifications.

Dan attended multiple University & College courses from Music Business to Computer Arts, this guy can’t make his mind up. Owner and operator of The Northern Web, a Manchester based Web Design Company, Dan has found his stride building websites, taking photographs and supplying creamy video content for Small Businesses around Manchester, helping them get that leg-up in life! Dan has (and still) works with many smaller (soon to be huge) brands as well as some well known names!

Dan is the man in charge of Filming, Marketing & Design, see those fancy bits in your video? Dan probably made those!

We like to do things differently around here, if your looking for a fun, easy going, laid back couple of dudes to film your sh*t, we got you.

Please note: can be professional dudes when required.

The techy stuff

Our camera equipment loadout, which we might add, is fully rentable if required! If you would like to rent any of our gear, check out our Fat Llama rental page.

Camera Bodies

Camera Lenses


Other bits

Our small business pledge.

OK, so. Your a small business, you have little to no income and bareley any start-up funding, we feel your pain! We have made it our pledge to help small and struggling businesses around Manchester blossom into what they deserve to be. We can’t promise the world, but we can sure as hell help where it matters! Information is free, maybe a cheeky test shoot too! You don’t know unless you get in touch with us to find out what we’re about!

Big love,
Ocular North


We like to work with people from all walks of life! Check out what some of our clients have to say about working with us.