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Ocular North to film 3 Music Videos for Pique Roscoe

Post written by Matt

Long time friend and client Pique Roscoe has a new LP being released on Village Live Records this summer. Ahead of the release we sat down with Pique to discuss music videos and artwork for the LP titled “The Cruel Tutelage of Pique Roscoe”.

The title of LP draws influence from Quentin Tarantino’s master piece “Kill Bill Vol 2”. The phrase comes from a chapter within the movie starring a classic Shaw Brothers villain Pai Mei of the White Lotus Clan. In this chapter of the movie, the main character The Bride (Beatrix Kiddo) played by Uma Thurman begins her training with the Kung Fu master Pai Mei. The definition of the word tutelage literally means instruction especially of an individual, then, when you add the word cruel in front of it you begin to understand that Pai Mei isn’t exactly the kind of teacher that is going to send you for crisps and pop at break time. So, with that in mind you begin to imagine the kind of statement Pique Roscoe is trying to make with the title of the LP.

When releasing and LP, you have to understand, the singles you choose to release are the main points of promotion, so, you have to choose wisely and know your market audience. This is equally important when planning the music videos for those singles. It’s also a good idea to tie the first single in with the album artwork too, this helps your target audience identify you brand.

For this project, we’re not only going to film three music videos for Pique but also create his LP artwork. Now, with all this in mind, where do we start? After sitting down with Pique recently to discuss the first steps, we carefully crafted a rough plan to efficiently complete the tasks at hand. We all agreed that the video for the first single would be filmed in the Japanese Garden at Rivington Terrace Gardens. This will also be the location for the LP cover photograph. See, already weaving the brand together. This location also ties in with the Pai Mei chapter from “Kill Bill Vol2”. The video for the second single would be somewhat at the other end of the spectrum. For the second video we came up with the idea of filming some similar to a previous video we had done for Guillotine Mac. Flashy cars, dancers and an air of ignorance would be the main theme for this video. The third video idea is to recreate a scene from the movie “Paid In Full” but with a big fat slice of satire. This video would be filmed outside a popular hangout spot with extras and expensive cars a plenty. The premise for all three videos is to create three high quality videos that help to promote Piques LP and attract the attention of the target audience.

So what comes next. Baring in mind, when working with an artist that is releasing their LP through a record label, there’s certain deadlines that need to be met in order for the release to run smoothly. We’ll be meeting again with Pique to discuss in more detail the pre production process for all three videos and the artwork so we can complete this project efficiently to a high standard. Stay tuned for more information on this project, it’s sure to be amazing!

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