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Client Showcase

Guillotine Mac Jet Lagged

Guillotine Mac reached out to us to film a music video for his track Jet Lagged


Music Video


Guillotine Mac

Shoot Date

August 2020


Project Brief

Mac came to us with a rough idea of how he wanted the footage to raw in essence but high quality in output. The visuals throughout the track is consistent with typical hood video antics. Fast cars and stacks of cash were all thrown into the brainstorming session so with all that in mind we began the pre-production process.

The Process

Pre-production – We started by finding a location to film at. The location needed to be something that resembled a typical estate vibe. We decided to film at various locations in Manchester as it had the all the required attributes.

Fast cars and the use of a quad bike were all required along with big dogs and red lighting were required to create an intense dangerous vibe.

Shoot – Sticking to the storyboard and shot list we began filming various takes in various locations. All the footage was filmed on a single rig consisting of a Sony A7r3 camera with a 35mm lens. The camera was mounted on a DJI Ronin Gimbal for smooth fluid footage. We rapped up filming in the mid afternoon and checked the footage to make sure we had all the shots listed on our shot list and storyboard.

Post Production – We edited the footage we had obtained on Cut Pro. Because the footage was all shot in 4k 60fps we were able to slow certain clips down and use speed ramps to create fluid edits and stylish transitions. The additional B roll footage was added in after the first edit was done. We also added in some title credits using stylish fonts and transitions. The video was then graded with over saturated colours to bring out the lighting that we had used. Several edits were then created for the client to look at and then choose the one he liked the best.

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