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Client Showcase

Pique Roscoe Shrimp Fingers

Pique Roscoe reached out to us to film a music video for his track Shrimp Fingers produced by Kuartz that would be featured on his debut LP Visions of The Phantom


Music Video


Pique Roscoe

Shoot Date

June 17th 2019


Project Brief

Pique came to us with a rough idea of how he wanted the footage to reflect the cinematography from the movie Blade Runner. The use of extras throughout dressed and face painted like the female character from the movie mixed with the neon lights and architecture down at Media City created a more eutopian Tokyo than dystopian Los Angles vibe, but, because of the nature of the track it worked well. Animated neon lights were created in Adobe After Effects and added to certain scene to add another layer of creativeness to the video.

The Process

Pre-production – We started by finding a location to film at. The location needed to be something that resembled scenes from the movie Blade Runner. Neon lights and futuristic architecture were all a must. We decided to film at Media City Salford as it had the all the required attributes.

After visiting the location and taking some test footage we formed a storyboard and shot list. We marked the required sectors of the location that looked good in the test footage so that we could plot a route around the site in order to film takes efficiently. We then got in touch with some extras and briefed them on their wardrobe and make up requirements. The ability to dance was a bonus however wasn’t essential. Luckily some of the extras were Pole Dancing hobbyists and had excellent moves.

Shoot – On the day of the shoot we arrived at Media City to capture the late afternoon so that we could be all set up and ready to film when the sun had set. Sticking to the storyboard and shot list we began filming at the various points of interest. All the footage was filmed on a single rig consisting of a Sony A7s2 camera with a 28mm lens. The camera was mounted on a Zhiyun Crane Gimbal for smooth fluid footage. We rapped up filming in the late evening and checked the footage to make sure we had all the shots listed on our shot list and storyboard.

Post Production – We edited the footage we had obtained from Media City in Final Cut Pro. We shot the footage in 1080p for a cinematic look with the low light videography. The additional neo light animation was created after the first edit. The anim,ated scenes were then added into the main edit within Final Cut Pro. The video was the colour graded to bring out the neon lights at the location and the surrounded architecture.

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